Breathe EZ Scuba wetsuits are made for:

Scuba diving · Snorkeling · Swimming · Sailing · Jet Skiing · Surfing · Kayaking

Adult Cold-Water Wetsuits
Calling all scuba divers! We have what you need. We offer a variety of materials and styles for you to choose from. Custom suits are made to fit YOU and only YOU.

Adult Warm-Water Wetsuits
We offer a variety of men’s and women’s wetsuits for all your warm water and pool activities. Many varieties are available, including shortys, one-piece, farmer johns, jackets, etc. Please call or use the downloadable order form to order your wetsuit today!

Kids Cold-Water Wetsuits
Scuba diving is a growing trend for kids of all ages. Check the order form content to find out more information on children’s cold water wetsuits.  We do offer children’s wetsuits in both stock sizes and custom fit because kids come in all sizes too!

Kids Warm-Water Wetsuits
Don’t leave the kids behind! Warm-water wetsuits are available for children of all ages. We offer vests, jackets, farmer johns, one-pieces, two-pieces, etc. Please call or view our order form for more details.

Breathe EZ Scuba offers a variety of neoprene accessories to fit all your water needs. We have socks, hoods, caps, and more.  Check out the order form to see the latest items in stock. If you don’t see it there we may still be able to make what you’re looking for, or get it for you. Just ask!

Click here for male order form      Click here for female order form

We offer stock sizes ranging from XS through XXXL in men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits & adult wetsuit accessories. For the kids wetsuits & wetsuit accessories we offer XXS through XL. Check out our stock size chart click here for stock sizes to see what stock size may fit you. If you don’t fit into one, then please consider ordering a custom fit wetsuit. Please feel free to call us if you need help finding the proper size.

Breathe EZ Scuba wetsuits offer custom fitted items in a variety of colors (click here) for color chart just for you. A custom wetsuit and accessories ensures that your product will fit you correctly. If it doesn’t, then you send it back in for an alteration. The only cost you will incur is the shipping costs to send it to us.

When you provide us with a variety of measurements using our self guided measurements sheets click here for men’s chart and click here for women’s chart we are able to make a pattern for your body. From that custom pattern your product is cut and assembled. Breath EZ Scuba Wetsuits can custom fit accessories, men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits and kids wetsuits.

We do ask that if you are providing the measurements that you triple check them. We will be happy to explain to you how to take accurate measurements and walk you through the process if you need us to. We also offer a “Skype” service if you choose, and can walk you through the measuring process. Simply contact us to set up a convenient time.

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How do I place an order?
You need to click on the order form link and follow the directions on the link page completely. If you are ordering a custom wetsuit, you will also need to print out the measurement form and fill it out completely.  Both forms are linked as downloadable files so that you can print them and fax them to us, or scan back in and email them.  In either case you should receive a confirmation that we received your order via phone and or email.

What kind of materials do you use for wetsuits?

We have a few options for you, but our most popular and our favorite is the Titex Plush (TPlush).  It is commonly used in all three of our thicknesses.  It is a neoprene with titanium added to both sides of it.  The inside lining is a plush terry that slides on and off very easily.  The exterior is a Nylon that is available in Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Green, and Yellow (click here for our color charts).
Another popular selection is the Nylon2 for our warm water customers.  It is a 2.5mm or 3.0mm thickness neoprene that has nylon on both sides.  It is also available in all five of our colors. Occasionally we are able to get additional colors in this material.

What do I need to do to get an accurate estimate?

Please contact us @ 908-698-3133 or email @ for the latest pricing. If you do not see something listed or you think you want to be creative in designing your one-of-a-kind suit, please reach out to us. We also offer stock sizes in case you are not looking for a custom suit. Not only do we work on our own suits, but others as well. Our goal is to get you into the products you need that fit not only your body shape, but your style choices as well. Your 100% satisfaction is very important to us.

What is the turnaround time on my order once it has been placed?

Once we have received your order and confirmed it, we will ship your product within 5-10 business days in our off season (Oct. thru Feb.) and approximately 10 business days during the main busy season (Mar. thru Sept.)