EZ Seal Display


The EZ Seal Kit is designed to provide everything you need to replace a latex seal. For use on dry suits, surface suits, or any suit that requires a waterproof seal. The EZ Seal Kit enables you to perform a self-replacement of seals while out in the field. Great to have in your back up travel bag for unexpected repairs or when your not close to a repair shop. Just pick your seal option, everything else is included.

Key Features: 

All Inclusive

Travel Size


Guided Instructions

Each Kit Includes:

Choice of Seal – Neck, Hood, Wrist (pr) or Ankle (pr)

Neck Template - for Neck or Hood selection

Heat Tape


Abrasive Material

Gloves - for use with cleaner

AquaSeal & Hardner with applicator

Heat Gun



EZ Seal Neck Kit

EZ Seal Neck Kit

EZ Seal Kit

EZ Seal Kit

EZ Seal Wrist Kit

EZ Seal Wrist Kit