So much more than scuba...

As divers ourselves, we quickly realized that being comfortable

underwater is a key component in enjoying your dive. We started

looking for a way to help ourselves and fellow divers who felt that off-the-rack wet suits don’t always make the cut. In search of comfortable, affordable, and quality wet suits, Breathe EZ Scuba was founded in 2009 and began offering custom wet suits.

After extensive training, our team started offering dry suit testing and repairs then added numerous products and services. We have gained an expansive and reputable network of friends in the industry which has allowed us to offer wholesale pricing.

Today, we are so much more than scuba. Breathe EZ Scuba has evolved and offers more than just wet suits. Being able to offer high quality products at competitive wholesale pricing has become our mission. We strive to work with each company

to meet their needs and the needs of their customers.

We look forward to helping you.

Wetsuit on rock climber